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Mission Statement:
Create mutually beneficial business relationships between magazine and newspaper publishers and those who buy print, electronic and online advertising within these type publications

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Access Media is a complimentary online media resource designed specifically for advertising professionals involved with the research, analysis, planning, buying and managing of print, electronic and online advertising within any company, agency or media buying service across the U.S. and worldwide.

This site provides quick access to thousands of magazine and newspaper websites along with a media resource center and extensive directory of marketing related products and services. This information will help advertising professionals identify new media buying opportunities, tools and resources that will increase the value, impact and performance of any company’s marketing communication strategy

General Consumers:

Access Media was designed as an online resource for advertising professionals but is also available without cost or obligation to general consumers interested in researching magazines and newspapers for any type of business, personal or educational pursuit.

Why Access Media?

Access Media was built by a team of advertising, marketing, publishing and ad agency professionals who have a passion for magazines and newspapers and a belief in the continued need for the educational, informative, entertaining and compelling content offered by these type publications.

Our mission is to support the publishing industry by creating an easy way for publishers to promote their magazines and newspapers and for advertising professionals to access this information thereby creating mutually beneficial business relationships.

Media / Business Partners:

If you are a magazine or newspaper publisher and would like to add or update a free or paid listing on the Access Media site, please go to the advertising overview page to learn more about the different promotional opportunities available to you.

If you are a company that provides products or services supporting the publishing or advertising professional, we invite you to contact Access Media to discuss promotional opportunities on this site.

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