Custom E-Promotions


What are custom E-Promotions?

Customized E-Promotions are designed to deliver a dedicated advertising message to a qualified audience in a format that invites quick response and high conversion to sale. E-promotions are one of the most effective advertising mediums available today and a very practical component to most advertising strategies looking to support a branding and lead generation campaign.

If you have a publication, product or service that targets advertising or publishing professionals, Access Media can help you get your message out effectively and with quantifiable results.

Access Media’s E-Promotion lists include the following:

  • Publishing Professionals: 25,000 (Includes Publishers, Editors, VP’s CEO, Presidents, etc)
  • Advertising Professionals: 25,000 (Includes Ad Agency Professionals, Marketing Managers, Communication / PR Professionals, Media Buyers, Advertising Managers, etc.)

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