Frequently Asked Questions

What is Access Media’s mission?

Access Media’s mission is to bring magazine and newspaper publishers together with media buying professionals to create mutually beneficial business relationships. These relationships result in increased ad revenue, readership, circulation and web traffic for publishers and quick access to new media buying opportunities for advertising professionals.

Who is Access Media’s target audience?

Access Media’s target audience consists of media, advertising, marketing and corporate communication professionals who work within leading advertising agencies, media buying services and all size companies across the U.S. Targeted individuals include media analysts, planners and buyers, marketing directors, account supervisors, account executives, advertising managers, communication directors, public relations directors and many others. Individuals are targeted within companies responsible for the majority of print, electronic and online advertising invested annually across all industry sectors.

How does Access Media help advertising professionals?

Access Media provides one of the most comprehensive online directories of trade and consumer magazines and local, regional and national newspapers available today. This site is designed to help media professionals quickly and easily identify new media buying opportunities with over 250 magazine categories and hundreds of city newspapers across the U.S. This site also provides a resource center for other industry information important to the advertising professional.

What are Access Media resources?

Access Media resources includes a variety of information from industry associations, advertising, marketing and media software programs, CPM calculator, glossary of media terms, leading magazines and newspapers based on circulation and more.

Are there fees associated with using this site?

No! Access Media is available to anyone without cost or obligation.

How many magazines and newspapers are on the site?

Access Media currently lists over 15,000 trade and consumer magazines serving 250+market categories and 10,000 local, regional and national newspapers serving every major city in the U.S., with new titles being added on a regular basis.

How do publishers list magazines or newspapers?

Publishers or other administrator may upload comprehensive media profiles at no cost, and with a secure login and password, can edit or revise at any time.

Can a publisher list multiple magazines or newspapers?

Yes, a publisher may list as many publications as desired to the site provided they are legitimate publications and provide respectable content.

Can a publication be moved from one category or state to another?

Yes, simply submit a request to the Access Media web team and the process typically takes less than 24 hours.

How is publication data maintained on site?

All site data is managed by either the site administrator or publisher with a secured login and password.

Why are there no radio, cable or television listings?

Access Media is a print media specific site dealing with print and digital magazines and newspapers. Our passion is print and so is our focus.

What advertising opportunities are available on site?

Access Media offers a variety of promotional opportunities on the site from comprehensive media profiles as well as high impact leader board and banner advertisements. Each promotion offers publishers an opportunity to elevate their publication profile over other competitive titles within their market category or state.

What is a media profile?

Media profiles are designed to provide key information on a publication essential to the media evaluation, planning and buying process. This includes company information, publication overview, online media data links, media fast facts, expandable publication images, publisher, ad sales and editorial contact information, video links, RFQ forms, and other relevant information. Media profiles are designed to provide media buyers the key information they need during their media analysis, planning and buying process.

How do media profiles display on a site page?

Media profiles display above all basic media listings and are designed to provide maximum exposure and first consideration by any media professional searching that market or state category.

What type of banner ads are available?

Access Media offers 728 x 90 leader board banners and 300 x 250 banners within all market categories, state, home and resource pages on the site.

How are banner ads positioned?

All banners are in prominent positions at the top, side and bottom of each category or state page and rotate with other banners in a standard manner.

How is ad material managed on the site?

Publishers may manage their own media profile information through a login and password process. All banner ads are managed by the Access Media web team.

How is ad performance tracked?

Access Media provides industry standard ad tracking systems and will provide detailed analytic reports to all advertisers.

Can banner ad placements be cancelled?

Banner ad placements are typically sold on a contract basis but they can be cancelled anytime, although due to the site’s billing and payment structure, refunds are not typically refunded. However, Access Media will work with any publisher to resolve any issues regarding an ad payment refund.

Are there discounts for advertising multiple magazines on the site?

Yes, customized advertising programs are available to multiple title publishers. Contact Access Media for more information.