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  • Media Title
  • Logo
  • Cover Image
  • Publication Overview
  • Key Contact Information
  • Image Library
  • Media Fast Facts (e.g., Format, Circulation, Audit Type, Trade/Consumer, Frequency)
  • Online Media Data Links (e.g., Editorial Calendar, Audit Statement, Rate Card)
  • Promotional Video
  • Social Media Links
  • Multiple Market Displays
  • Note from the Publisher
  • Publisher’s Photo
  • Why Advertise & Special Offers Section
  • RFQ Form (Request for Media Quote)
  • Profile Data Management with Private Dashboard
  • Secure Profile Access with User Name and Password

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Media profiles are comprehensive publication overviews that provide advertisers the information they need during their media analysis, planning and buying process.  Media profiles include publication overviews, cover image, contact information, Note from the Publisher, online advertising data links, media fast facts, promotional videos, image library, advertising RFQ links and more. Media profiles are specifically designed to help advertisers save time, money and aggravation searching publication web sites, ordering media kits and meeting multiple ad reps to acquire the same information contained in a media profile.


In today’s competitive world of print, digital and online media, advertisers are constantly being challenged to research, identify, evaluate, plan, buy and manage complex advertising campaigns across thousands of media formats, titles and market sectors. How publishers position their publication in the minds of these potential advertisers can be the difference between securing and losing large advertising contracts.  Media profiles are designed to help publishers secure advertising while also helping them drive web traffic, readership, subscriptions and market share for their publication.


Media profiles provide U.S. magazine and newspapers a competitive edge by prominently displaying your cover image, brief overview and link to the complete media profile above all other non-profiled media titles within your market category(s).  This assures your publication is first seen and considered by advertising professionals searching your market sector.  Site wide banner advertising and email marketing opportunities are also available to compliment free media profiles.


Media profiles contain a significant amount of information and keeping this information timely and accurate is essential to any publisher. Access Media makes this process easy by allowing any publication administrator to personally upload and manage multiple publication profiles through a custom media dashboard and a single secured login and password.  There’s never been an easier or more effective way to promote your publication to advertising professionals across the U.S., and without cost or obligation!

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